Entry #5

Photoshop Video Coloring Tutorial

2013-01-19 13:23:33 by Wavechan

Warning! If you do not like cute things, this isn't the video for you!
I finally made a photoshop VIDEO coloring tutorial! :D I'm sorry for the weird flickering though. :( (can anyone recommend me some good art capture settings for CamStudio?) I hope the rest of the information is helpful overall!

If the embed doesn't work, CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

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You can still view my older coloring tutorial here.
And if you want to see the finished image, it's here!
Annnnd if you're really bored and want a scifi/comdey/short/action manga-inspired webcomic to read, check it out here :D


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2013-01-19 13:28:06

Interesting. I'll have a look later, cos Photoshop doesn't like me. dank u

Wavechan responds:

Oh no! :( Mean Photoshop, not liking you! I hope it works out for you though! :)


2013-01-19 14:42:11

Very nice Tutorial. Kitty Cloud is cute. love the metalic shading. =^_^=
Plus the little narrator is a nice little add on for the video. I just wanted ta pat her head cause shes so cute. :p

Wavechan responds:

:D :D horray!! Thank you! :D


2013-01-19 15:56:24

cool video. really helps :D

Wavechan responds:

Thank you so much! i'm glad it does :D


2013-01-19 16:39:52

can you do a megaman zero kitty :3 from megaman zero

Wavechan responds:

oh dear XD I should totally do a megaman zero set someday XD I have drawn regular Zero though! http://fav.me/d3b6we9


2013-01-19 20:33:01

Thank you for posting this!

Wavechan responds:

:D thank you for watching!!


2013-01-22 01:21:16

awesome! thanks :D

Wavechan responds:

You're welcome!! :D


2013-02-05 07:56:54

I don't use Photoshop, but I learned a lot, thanks! Also glad you had the cute warning :3


2013-07-18 15:23:14

this video is pretty interesting nice video ;)


2013-10-24 03:55:43

Hey, how've you been? Anything new in the works? Halloween?


2014-05-08 22:11:36

I don't really understand convergence at all but the art's good so I can't complain. xD
Teach me dem mad skillz


2014-09-28 05:44:27

Good tutorials, but I wonder if PaintTool Sai can do the same things, cuz i'm only the beginner


2015-08-01 12:27:03

Is your Manga-Inspired Comic ever coming back in stock? I didn't know about the sale. I need it!


2016-03-17 18:06:27

The illustration you created that's being used as the site background is fantastic.


2016-10-13 08:14:02

In this place, everyone likes cute things. I think. Nice job.