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So cool!

I'll never get upset at that annoying paperclip in Microsoft Word ever again, knowing he can at least put up a fight against a rogue animation!

Bwahaha! Awesome!

XD I love SHMUPS. I do think all the points you bring up is kind of silly, but it's also an awesome concept... one little guy against the world. :)

Maybe you could've made the big ship blow up ultra ridiculous-like in the end though, like all SHMUPS.

Nifty :)

I don't know... I just really loved this animation. It was simple and short, but it tried to get across a fun message. It just reminds me of being younger and doing nothing else but playing the same type of 8-bit games over and over, haha. The music was fitting too. I wish I had something more to critique, but everything just fit together perfectly in my opinion.

Emptygoddess responds:

Keen :)

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Thank you :)

Thanks so much for making this amazing game. You combined the awesome absorbing-bullets thing that Ikaruga has done and made a rhythm SHMUP with it :D :D


You satisfied my gritty scifi craving yet again :)

I did jump a few times when the monsters popped up, and the vent...

I like how you added more surprising elements to it though :D

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!!

I love games like this!!

This was really really fun and awesome :D Spooky at times too, the graphics were absolutely incredible. (I love Gritty Scifi!) I think the only thing that really felt out of place to me were some of the sound effects, particularly when you took things from the game and put them into your inventory. They felt a little too... cheery. :)

Psionic3D responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, I'll try to make the sound fx less nice in future ;-)

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so ... epic, as usual *___* I love how you deal with darks so well, still making the figures look visible even in such intesne shadows. I love the creature, and heck, even the STAIRS! XD Those are an awesome cool mix of classical and sci-fi stairs haha.

Good try :)

I like how you managed to get all the details in the drawing. You can definitely tell it's Roxas without any question. I can totally tell you spent a lot of time on this picture, which is great because it shows you have patience.

I kind of wish the background showed as much detail as Roxas does though. The water looks great for a first try. :) Try adding more colors, maybe add a few more clouds?

CurlyWeirdo responds:

Thanks ^^ I think the cloud is the the hardest part cause cant imagine it...-______-"

I should have made it *BACKROUND-LESS* if there's such a word...now it's a word...

My Other Artworks all got a 10 except for this one....I'll try my best harder when I'm gonna bye a tablet...

Beautiful ;_:

Oh wow... I love sci fi speed paints like this ;_; Do you have a deviantart?

It's really beautiful. Buildings in the foreground really have an organic feel to it even though they're obviously not. At first, I felt the big giant thing ghosted out in the right part of the image was a little distracting, but the more I look at it, I just wanna know what it is. Awesome job *_*

Stunji responds:

Thanks alot wavechan! You have some awesome stuff yourself :D And no, I don't use deviantart, I'm not really interested in the scene there.

I want to be a Comic Book Colorist in the future for Marvel Comics, or maybe a Manga artist!! I really love Gritty Sci-Fi worlds and robots.

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